Cynthia V. Mitchell, M.Ed. - President, Reverend

Business owner since 1984, Cynthia is a spirited relationship-driven business owner.  She established her first business, a holistic counseling and wellness center, in Rhode Island then opened a second in Long Island, New York, located on the grounds of the Saint Ursula retreat complex. At the same time, she was the owner of Ocean Road Bed and Breakfast in Rhode Island business. 

In 1999 she moved to Naples, Florida and officially opened A Beautiful Florida Wedding as a Wedding Officiating company that garnered a great reputation among marrying couples and prestigious hotels. Eventually, the company rebranded itself as a Wedding Planning and Officiating company and took on all the duties of planning a wedding. It subsequently earned many awards with recognition by The Knot and Wedding Wire, along with the invitation to become "Preferred Vendors" on the lists of major 5-star hotels.


Catherine V. Fazzina, M.A. - Treasurer, Reverend

As a classroom teacher and principal of a small inner-city school, Catherine began her journey in the arena of social justice in the 1960's. Working with the poor and marginalized in Appalachia she learned how to listen to people and challenge the status quo on their behalf.

Having earned a number of degrees – a BS in Accounting, an MA in Elementary Education and an MA in Human Development – Catherine turned her attention to developing her skills as a Bio-energetic Therapist which led her to a chance meeting with Cynthia Mitchell who was opening a holistic counseling center. It turned out to be a perfect fit and Catherine spent the next several years helping clients to regain respect and love on their life's journey.

At the same time, she was owner in a bed and breakfast business with Cynthia that was in high demand. In 1999 Catherine joined the team of A Beautiful Florida Wedding and supported the dynamic growth of this wedding business. 

Catherine’s experience with people over the last 40 years has imbued her with the genuineness and caring that are her wonderful strengths with couples.

Kristy Buschle, Wedding Coordinator

As the former owner of Bellissima Event Design, Kristy has coordinated a wide range of events, including weddings over the past several years. Her years of experience allow her to anticipate needs before the client asks. Her quick smile, easy-going manner and positive attitude lifts the spirits of anyone around her. A natural planner, Kristy has helped many clients accomplish their event goals and bring to life their dream weddings.

"If I had to choose my favorite part of this job, it would be the relationships we get to create with the couples we work with. Getting to know our clients in the midst of planning something so personal and significant - learning about who they are as individuals and then finding ways to reflect that in their wedding design - is very rewarding. The warmth and energy I felt meeting Cynthia and Catherine told me this is exactly where I need to be. I am so excited to forge new relationships with wedding couples again!" - Kristy Buschle