It was the best of times;
it was the worst of times.



How critical is having a wedding planner for your special day?

This is a tale of two destination beach weddings, both on the same afternoon.

The first ceremony was unplanned on an open beach. Members of the family set up chairs, and placed programs on them. They also set up the elements for a Sand Ceremony on a small table. They hired an electric guitarist to provide the music, a local florist to provide a floral arch, and a family friend to take photos. Just before the ceremony began, the clouds unfurled and heavy rain began to pour. There was no Plan B. So, the bridal party, the officiant and all the guests were soaked; the floral arch drooped; the chairs were wet and the programs ruined; the Sand Ceremony disintegrated before our eyes; and the guitarist’s instrument was compromised. A miserable experience was had by all. It was indeed the worst of times.

The second ceremony, a planned wedding on an adjacent stretch of beach, did have a Plan B thanks to the wedding planner. Two hours prior to the ceremony she determined from the weather report that a rain shower was a real possibility. She informed the couple and, taking the initiative, had the entire ceremony set-up moved indoors where it was faithfully reconstructed except for the sand. Despite the initial disappointment of not having an outdoor wedding, the couple was delighted by the beauty of the ceremony site. The wedding celebration unfolded as planned, and everyone had a really joyous experience. This was the best of times.