Love is Love - Officiating is a Privilege for A Beautiful Florida Wedding

Love is Love - Officiating is a Privilege for A Beautiful Florida Wedding

Officiating for me is a sacred act of service. And these almost twenty years has afforded our company, A Beautiful Florida Wedding, the privilege of officiating thousands of wedding and vow renewal ceremonies.

As an officiant, we witness and bless the gift of Divine Love between two people and offer that blessing from the couple to their guests.

The Magic of Nature

Couples from around the United States, and the world, come to Naples, Florida where the amazing natural setting serves as a backdrop for a beautiful destination wedding. The natural world creates a powerful setting for Florida beach weddings. The blue skies, the white clouds, the dynamic ocean, the green vegetation, the tan sand, the driftwood trees – all these greet guests as they arrive at a beautiful Florida beach and then surround them in a warm embrace. A floral and fabric arch is joined by simple white chairs that welcome guests as they anticipate the arrival of the bride.


The first glimpse that guests have of the Bride, is of her walking down a boardwalk “aisle”, framed by green trees and plants of all kinds. The simplicity of the natural setting contrasts with the beauty of her glowing face and white dress.


When the ceremony has finished, the Bride and Groom share precious moments together as husband and wife. Their joy is magnified by the power of a beautiful Florida sky over a natural beach setting, and their wedding finery contrasts beautifully with wood that has been polished by the ocean.


Before the newlywed couple celebrates with their guests at a wedding dinner, they walk along the water’s edge and share another intimate moment surrounded by sand, water, clouds and sky. White, blue, green, tan all combine to frame a couple’s commitment of love.


Nature provides so much power and magic to help create a beautiful Florida wedding, and Southwest Florida provides more power and magic than most places! This is why so many couples choose to commit their lives to one another here at Naples’ best Wedding Venue: THE BEACH.

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Planning Your Same Sex Wedding - Six Things to Consider for Your Big Day

Planning Your Same Sex Wedding - Six Things to Consider for Your Big Day

Planning a wedding is fun. But it can also be, challenging and a bit stressful. Trying to figure out what’s appropriate and what’s not can sometimes be overwhelming. And when most wedding advice columns are geared toward a female bride and a male groom, they make little sense for same sex couples.

Here are the top tips A Beautiful Florida Wedding offers from years of helping same-sex couples plan their perfect wedding:

Eloping?  Consider a Beautiful Destination Wedding

Eloping?  Consider a Beautiful Destination Wedding

Once upon a time, when couples thought of eloping, it historically meant "to run away secretly with the intention of getting married usually without parental consent." But it has also meant—and still means—"to escape." However, today the trend to elope often means to “get married away from home - to create a smaller, more intimate, destination wedding.”