Money isn't everything...but it ranks right up there with oxygen.”
― Rita Davenport

Part 1

Ok so let’s talk about the least favorite part of a wedding but the most important…money and budgeting.

This is definitely not a fun subject to talk about. Whether you are getting help from parents or a family member or paying for your own wedding, at some point you have to talk budget. You can have your dream wedding and stick to a budget!

I can personally say how much I dislike talking about budgeting. My fiancé and I did some research with wedding professionals and we really thought I had a good idea of what our budget would be. I have a budget sheet that lists each part of the wedding. I have two columns, the first is estimated and the next is actual amount. My fiancé and I chose to budget for more than we expected. This way any money we set aside for the wedding but do not use could go towards a honeymoon or buying a house.

In the next part of this blog I will share more about budgets.

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