A Wedding Planner on the Big Day Takes All Your Stress Away!

Assistant Onsite Wedding Coordinator

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Like most of you I am planning a destination wedding. I can tell you that just makes everything more stressful. You normally do not know any of the vendors or places and it is nerve wracking to book a place before seeing it. Maybe you have some relatives nearby who can be your eyes and ears. That can be good but they may not be wedding professionals.

Since we already live down in beautiful Florida where the sun shines all the time, we are getting married up in the Adirondacks (where it is really cold most of the time). Quick background on Ryan and I, we met at college in the Adirondacks so that was how we chose where to get married. Recap of what we have done so far, we found the venue and the Chapel. We have been to visit the reception site before many years ago but we have yet to visit the Chapel. We will be visiting soon.

Now I do actually know some of the vendors we are choosing. The photographers worked my cousin’s wedding. The caterer was my student advisor in college. The DJ did many events at our college. Even personally knowing the vendors still does not make this easy. I chose a venue where everything is à la carte. It is not a one-stop shop so I have to communicate with and juggle all of the vendors myself.

So for this blog post my tip for you is to hire a wedding planner. DIY can seem like such a good idea and obviously Pinterest does not help (don’t lie you know you are addicted to it. I sure am!). Unless you want your wedding planning to consume your time please hire a wedding planner. You know the saying “An Apple a day”? Well here is the wedding version…”A Wedding Planner on the Big Day Keeps All of Your Stress Away”.

Cynthia, Bob, Catherine and Melissa are not only a joy to work with but they also know some incredible vendors that they have worked with many times. They know and trust these professionals to do an incredible job. You can feel assured that your day will be perfect with the ABFW team. Let us make your day perfect and all you have to do is be married and be merry! Enjoy the best day of your life with your true love surrounded by loving friends and family.

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“A Beautiful Life Begins with A Beautiful Florida Wedding!”

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