Archetypes Rule When Selecting a Partner

  Years ago, when training as a spiritual director, I was fortunate enough to be able to continue my study of Carl Jung’s work.

Before this time, as a therapist , I gravitated to helping people navigate the inner world  of who they really were.

An article came my way that has forever remained in my mind;  it was an article on archetypes.

Often when I listen to couples whose weddings we are planning and or officiating, I hear them express what they love about one another and, I think back to this article.

Archetypes reflect our preferences in life and they can also influence our life choices. Should they influence our choice in partners as well? It’s entirely up to you.

Let’s take the names of the 4 archetypes for men and women:

First there is the mother/father, then the amazon/warrior, then the heitera/eternal boy and the sage/mediatrix.

None of us expresses only one of these and couples can be made up of any mix of these.

In my next blog I will address ways  I have seen these preferences play themselves out.

Have you ever given any thought to why some couples feel so “at home” with the person they chose to marry,  as if they were coming home to themselves?

Maybe a closer look at these archetypes will help answer that question.