“Money isn't everything...but it ranks right up there with oxygen.”
― Rita Davenport

Part 2


Now my parents are helping pay for part of my wedding so they are included in budget talks. This past weekend we sat down and really went over everything. It was not fun! There were costs we did not think about or include in our original budget and everything adds up fast, but this helped us prioritize. A wedding planner can help you with all those unexpected costs. The team at A Beautiful Florida Wedding takes pride in our relationships with our vendors. We know all the costs included and we will make sure to help you understand any questions you might have on a contract.

It does not hurt to research or ask around. At A Beautiful Florida Wedding, after 15 plus years of creating weddings from Naples and Marco Island to Estero and Bonita, we know many vendors and hotels. We also know all about wedding costs. You can always talk to us about any budget questions you may have.




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