Champagne Wedding Dresses & Champagne Bridal Gowns

When you ask the general public what color a woman wears to get married, you are going to usually get a reply of “White”. But professionals in the industry would argue that point. In fact, white is the third favorite choice for gowns. Let us explain.

Ivory, Champagne, & White



Ivory is an off-white. It is preferred over white. Ivory photographs well and beadwork shows up better on ivory than white. Ivory goes well with any skin tone and is preferred for a spring or daytime wedding.


Champagne wedding dresses and champagne bridal gowns are among the most elegant gowns you can wear. They do not wash out the complexion, even on blondes and redheads. It is the preferred choice for evening weddings, winter weddings, and very elegant weddings. The embellishments are more obvious. Champagne wedding gowns are ordered many times over white. Champagne is white with a very slight golden hue.

Vintage weddings are always done in champagne. Champagne was the white of the Victorian period.

Champagne colored gowns work with any styles from the traditional gown to the mermaid gown or anything in between.


There is true white and then there is diamond white. True white is white with no hues at all. Diamond white is the same, but it is a brighter white. Whites are not the most popular choices for weddings for a few reasons.

  • White will cause your complexion to look washed out. This is especially true for women with light to medium skin tones. Redheads and blondes face this problem most often.
  • White can overpower the dress making the detail work harder to see.
  • White does not photograph as well as ivory and champagne. It has a blue hue that could show up in pictures.

The elegant wedding

Elegant weddings can be held at a beautiful venue. The aisle there may provide a long entry for the bride.The lighting may be the colors of sunset and the music is traditional or classic. There are more elaborate floral arrangements and the decor, often subdued neutrals, is chic and understated. In this setting, a champagne bridal gown is perfection. The gold undertones of the champagne gown frames the bride and enhances the feel of a romantic beach wedding at sunset.



The entire tradition of carrying flowers came from ancient Rome. Each flower represented something. The red rose is still a popular flower to carry in an elegant wedding. Red roses symbolized unending love and white roses represented purity. Carrying them on your wedding day was like promising your love and faithfulness forever .

When a bride carries a bouquet while wearing a champagne gown, it is an embellishment to her look. The photograph is balanced and the couple is the focus. However, photographing a bouquet against a pure white or diamond white gown can draw the focus to the flowers which look bolder and larger.

No matter which color or style gown you choose, make sure it works for you. A difference in hue might give you the exact look you want.

Here’s to a beautiful wedding to remember!

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