Choosing an Officiant

Each of us in the wedding business likes to think of ourselves as indispensable. What would you do without the collective services of all those you believe to be crucial to your most special day? These are legitimate concerns for any couple, but especially for those contemplating destination or out-of-town weddings in unfamiliar places with unfamiliar people. In truth, however, at the specific level, the central event of your day is the ceremony itself; and the central persona other than yourselves is the officiant. You want the ceremony to be personal, meaningful, and memorable. It is, after all, a celebration of your life and your love. Yet many couples leave their choice of officiant until the end of the planning process. We like to think that’s because it is such an important decision and that you are often uncertain as to how to proceed.

What, then, should you look for in choosing an officiant? You may be fortunate to receive a referral from a relative or friend, You may receive a referral list of preferred vendors from your hotel or club where your wedding will take place. Or you may browse the Internet, hope in hand. However you take that first step, you will have to make the first contact. Take time and care to contact one or two  officiants who seem to appeal to you, and ask them about their availability and their professional experience.

First impressions,of course, can be crucial.If you have to leave an e-mail or voice-mail, wait no longer than two or three days for a response. Second, when you do make contact , what is the tone of the response? Whether it is warm and friendly or efficient and business-like, do you feel comfortable with the respondent? While you may conduct an initial communication by e-mail, eventually you will converse by phone and, ultimately, in person.We always insist on a phone connection as soon as possible, and a reference to our web site which not only provides basic information on fees, packages, and additional services but also information on the five officiants in our company.

Our officiants comprise two men and three women (one woman is bilingual, English and Spanish). If you have an affinity towards one of us,through our picture and/or our professional biography, we link you up immediately. Although much of the interaction can be conducted by e-mail or on the phone, we will want to meet you both in person before wedding day to make that personal connection and to finalize consultation on your ceremony.

Choosing an officiant is a relational experience. Is there a good emotional compatibility between you and the officiant? Does the officiant seem experienced,reliable, and trustworthy? Does he/she demonstrate a willingness to listen to your ceremony desires rather than impose their preferences on you? Do you feel comfortable asking and receiving honest advice from them on the tone and content of the ceremony,and on such matters as to whether or not you need a rehearsal?

And, finally, do they share the joy and enthusiasm that you feel about the most special day of your lives?