Commitment Ceremony in Naples, Florida

A commitment ceremony is a ceremony where two consenting adults declare their love for each other and so share their home and combine their living and responsibility as one. Although a commitment ceremony does not involve a legally binding contract, it does mean that the two people involved can show their commitment to each other to their friends and to their family. This is a fantastic opportunity for couples who for personal reasons don’t wish to get married, but who want their commitment to each other recognised.

This is also a perfect way for gay couples to be able to make a public declaration to friends and family of their love for each other. At the present time in the UK and the majority of other countries, there is no legal way for gay couples to marry.

Where can I have the Ceremony? The availability of commitment ceremonies is now beginning to spread around the UK and they are becoming increasingly popular.

These services are basically the same as a civil service and can therefore be held in any recognised local authority venue. There is a list of local authorities giving your local authority number and also the venues open to you. Venues can be as diverse as a hotel, country mansion, restaurant, pier, hot air balloon, castle or a beautiful country park. The options for venues are almost endless because they do not need to hold a marriage license. If you want to use a public place or building you will need to have the agreement of the local authority.