Diverse Diamonds: New Trends in Diamond Engagement Ring Designs


As the popularity of unconventional engagement rings grows, jewelers are taking note and creating unique, unusual rings in an array of distinctive designs.

Celebrities are leading this trend by infusing their own personal style in their engagement rings and adding meaningful details to them. Whether it be the color, shape, or cut, engagement rings today are original and bold. Modern engagement ring trends include diamonds and stones in a range of colors and settings in non-traditional metals. No longer is the simple, solitaire diamond the emblem of an engagement; today’s style of engagement rings are eye-catching and striking.

Because there are a multitude of styles and designs of engagement rings, choosing a ring may seem daunting and intimidating. However, the current trends in diverse engagement rings, as well as the availability of being able to design your own ring, have made picking the right ring much easier. Have no idea where to begin? Here are some different styles of today’s engagement rings.

Make Your Engagement Vibrant

You may not follow all the latest celebrity trends, but colorful diamonds or gemstones are favorable with modern brides. It may have started with Jennifer Lopez’s 6.1 carat pink diamond engagement ring (presented to her by Ben Affleck), but colorful stones have taken the engagement ring industry by storm. Taking cues from celebrities like Heidi Klum, who donned a yellow diamond engagement ring when she was betrothed to musician Seal, or royalty such as Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton, who was presented with a sapphire engagement ring by Prince William, brides-to-be are clamoring for rings with colored stones. Presenting your fiancé with a rare diamond or stone can be more personal, particularly if the stone is her birthstone or is meaningful to your family. In addition, when choosing a wedding band, it’s most likely that you and your spouse will be buying an eternity ring because they complement any color stone or diamond. Because of their brilliant color, colored stones don’t require intricate settings, and a plain, standard band is a suitable way to show off the stone.

Set Your Sights On Something New

Engagement ring settings are just as important as the diamonds adorning them, and designers are contriving their own twists on classics. One of the major trends in engagement rings incorporates an antique setting, and many of today’s fashionable brides-to-be are wearing rings with a vintage flair. Besides the antique trend, other setting styles are dominating the engagement ring industry. Last year, the halo setting was huge, and, in 2013, this style was updated to include a two-tiered setting, some even feature contrasting colors in the surrounding stones or metal, which gives the impression of a bigger solitaire. Bezel settings have also become quite popular and have replaced the simple, classic setting used for solitaire rings. Like other solitaire diamond ring bands, the bezel setting’s metal band can be enriched with diamonds or other stones surrounding the main diamond. Another unique setting that’s become a hit with brides-to-be is the horizontal east-west setting. Because it is set horizontally, the stone in the east-west setting appears larger.