How Green is Your Wedding?

Wedding day, for most couples, is the most wonderful day of their lives. How many of them are committed to making the wedding a consciously green one? This doesn't mean that every aspect of wedding day has to emphasize green products and green activities. It does mean paying more attention to ways in which the joyous day takes note of green possibilities that may make your ceremony and reception exceptional and memorable and save you money in the process. We have noticed an increased sense of environmental awareness among couples recently, particularly those who have come of age since the late 1970’s. To say that we are delighted to see this trend would be a major understatement since our other business involves an affiliation with a highly reputable, long-standing, wellness company (see ). We have been practicing green living for almost twenty years and relationship counseling for more than thirty years. By combining these two sets of consciousness we can truly claim to be your officiants and planners for life.

Going, going, gone… are the weddings trimmed with ermine, celebrated with plastic or styrofoam cups and glasses, disposable dishes, paraffin candles, and rapidly deteriorating flowers. Did you know, for example, that it will take centuries for unrecyclable plastic products to disintegrate and dissolve into the earth or sea? And that styrofoam when burned off-gases a dioxin-like substance which can accumulate in our fat stores and create body burden. While the green philosophy is to “reduce, reuse, and recycle”, we embrace a philosophy of ” Educate, Eliminate and Exchange” With that intention we share with you some resources we have found most helpful. Two publications that deal directly with green weddings, if you can access them, are Carol Reed-Jones, Green Weddings That Don’t Cost The Earth, and Emily Elizabeth Anderson, Eco-Chic Weddings. Both guides provide simple suggestions on how to plan affordable, eco-friendly weddings.

We believe strongly in active stewardship of our Earth. By making your wedding experience a green event, you are not only making a statement about the quality of life you intend to sustain in your marriage, but you are also raising the environmental consciousness of your wedding guests for whom “going green” may not yet have been integrated into their lives.

In our next article, we will provide information and suggestions on greening every aspect of your wedding experience from choosing rings, wedding sites, and invitations, through creating the green ceremony and reception, to choosing an eco-friendly honeymoon.

Article written by Rev. Robert D. Mitchell

About Dr. Mitchell Reverend , teacher, and life-long learner, Bob’s relationship skills have endeared him to many people in many different circumstances during the past 40 years. His calm, considerate manner, and his international experience, have given him particular expertise in conducting interdenominational and interfaith ceremonies. Bob’s goal is to create personalized ceremonies that brides and grooms will remember fondly for the rest of their lives.