Let’s Make a Wedding Book!

Assistant Onsite Wedding Coordinator

Part 2

In each section there are vendor information sheets, which I was able to find online and you can click the link below to print your own.


This really helped me especially when researching vendors in the beginning. I was able to write all my notes and find them easier. This also helps to find the contact information faster.

You can also add an envelope to keep business cards in. When I went to visit my venue I drove around to all the hotels and inns in the areas and while I was looking for room blocks some hotels were too small to offer blocks. If you are planning a destination wedding a seasoned wedding planner or your travel agent to help you with this.

I really feel this wedding book planner is the best tip I can offer. It is super easy to put together and you will be so thankful you made a wedding binder. I carry mine with me when we meet the vendors so I can write new notes or ask questions I wrote down. If you are planning a destination wedding, most likely your wedding planner will set appointments by phone or SKYPE for you to meet with their wedding team of vendors and wedding professionals.You can jot down all your notes as those appointments take place.

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