Love Month

There are many ways to love and love comes in many forms. It can be the love a mother shares with her new born or the love that comes from rescuing a cat or dog and making your home their forever home. We would like to celebrate this beautiful month of love by sharing ways you can spread love. Love goes beyond falling in love with someone.

There is a website called the 5 Love Languages that talks about different ways to love. The first, which we will talk about this week, is "Words of Affirmation". How do you share your love with someone through words?  How do you go beyond saying I love you?

Just keeping open communication can make a relationship stronger. This goes for your friends and family as well. When was the last time you called a family member just to say hi and “I love you”? 

Compliments can also make someone’s day. Have you ever just walked up to a stranger and shared a compliment with them?  You never know how someone is feeling, and maybe they are having a rough day. Your complement could brighten their day so why do we always keep to ourselves…  Spreading happiness to someone else verbally will not only make their day but will also make you feel like a better person.

Words do not have to be spoken, when I was growing up my dad traveled often for work. I remember when he would have to leave early before we got up he would always post sticky notes to us on our bathroom mirrors or sometimes hidden in places we would find while he was away. It was just one little way to let us know he loved us and it meant so much. I would keep the notes up until he came home.

So, how do you express your love for your significant other? Text them in the middle of the day just to say hi and ask how their day is going. One thing I personally love is when my fiancé tells me the reasons why he loves me; it means so much to hear him express his love for me out loud.


This month’s challenge to you is this... Share your love in words - verbally or in writing - with someone you appreciate. We want to hear what you did and how it blessed someone. Share your story on our Facebook page. You will automatically be entered to win a gift from A Beautiful Florida Wedding. We will choose one winning story.

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