Love Notes Blog Children: Children Bring Magic to Weddings

“Children see magic because they look for it.”― Christopher Moore

Many couples now choose to have an adult only wedding children, after all can be unpredictable. But alas, children are also very precious and adorable at weddings. I mean what could be cuter than a little toddler ring bearer in a tiny tux! Children will surprise you and entertain you at the wedding. They may even try to steal the spotlight from the couple…


We love working with families and love the way some couples are including their families in weddings.

This child wanted to play at the wedding, so it was no surprise when during the ceremony, she found a spot to dig in the sand like a mini “trash the dress” moment. We made certain that our videographer team got the message that her flower girl partner wanted to sing “I’m a little tea pot”, which much to their credit they got on video.


This is Rosie, she came to our initial interview with a bit of shy in her attitude. Of course, it wasn’t long until we were “oohing” and “ahhing” at what she had to say. We are told she still has the rock she saved from the garden where we met that day!

On the wedding day, Rosie’s parents made sure to include her in the ceremony as they presented her with a gift and expressed vows to her too.

One of our recent weddings the bride and groom included their children with a family sand ceremony. During the reception the groom danced with his two daughters. The first song was to Butterfly Kisses that did not leave a dry eye in the room after to lighten up the mood the trio broke into a perfectly choreographed dance to Uptown Funk! We were cheering and had a blast being a part of this moment!

Our website has a video taken by teenage children when their parents had a beautiful vow ceremony click to see the video for yourself.

You can add fun details to keep children entertained at the wedding so their parents can spend a little time on the dance floor. If you know there will be lot of children you can have a kids tables just for them. They will love spending time with each other and will probably just entertain themselves playing made up games only a beautiful child’s mind could create.

We recently had a wedding in October that will had a table for 10 children who not only had their coloring books and games, but their very own “sitter” who was at their table, making sure they were safe and have fun!

How do you feel about bringing children to weddings? What is the best experience you had? We would love to hear.


Children are so wonderful and we love when there are children at weddings. We also love keeping in touch with our couples and watching them start their own families. If you have photos of your family and children we would be honored to hear from you and see your photos!

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Love, Laughter, and Happily Ever After!


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