Time to Fall in Love

It is that time of the year again. Fall can mean so many things. For some, it might be the Starbucks Pumpkin Spiced Latte (or just pumpkin flavored everything). Fall is my favorite season. It is sweater season and up North it is the time to break out the scarves, jeans and adorable fall boots. Fall is also a great season to fall in love or fall in love again.

Why not plan a Fall date? Fall is the perfect time for some fabulous dates!

Apple of My Eye

Fall is apple season! Spend the day picking apples. Then make time to bake and cook together. Maybe try to make the apple dumplings that your sweetheart’s grandma taught you (it is ok if they do not come out exactly like hers, it is the thought that counts). You can make baked apples or even homemade applesauce (which is better than any store bought brand hands down). The possibilities are endless and you will have so much fun spending time cooking together. Make sure to clean up together too…you both made the mess.

All is Fair in Love

Fall is Fair season. Why not hit up your local fair. There is so much to do between games, rides and entertainment. With all of the food stands and food trucks from local eateries, maybe be your next favorite spot for date night. What could be more romantic and swoon-worthy than winning that big stuffed bear for your date? That is classic romance movie material right there!

Burnin’ Love

End your day with a campfire. You can plan a campfire dinner complete with S’mores.  Since Fall can sometimes get chilly it is a perfect excuse for some much needed snuggle time. Spend time under the stars just talking or pointing out the constellations.

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