Observations from the Front

I always make time for what matters when I am officiating a wedding.That begins the day before, when I especially hold the couples’ intentions in prayer, especially for a beautiful Florida sunset.While I am especially fond of planning destination weddings, it is always an honor to officiate them. Being an officiant privileges me to walking “down the aisle” with the groom and to be with him in those special moments before the procession of the bride and her attendants.

Believe it or not,during these moments we usually talk about the bride.”Have you seen her today?”I’ll ask.”How did you spend your day?” “How do you feel about seeing your bride?”

As a former therapist, I know he is having surges of feeling, and I want to be there for him.

Then the moment arrives and we are standing at the front of the aisle…waiting ….

I look at the groom, as does their photographer, and many of the guests.His face tells such a story. Words cannot capture what I have observed,from tears to smiles, each one more precious to behold than the next.

I ask everyone to stand.The silence is palpable, and out of this magnificence “she” appears….