Officiants for Life

Think about it… your ceremony begins your marriage and the rest of your life. Dr Seuss once said, “Why fit in when you were born to stand out”. I feel like this applies here because your wedding day is meant to celebrate your love. Each love is like a beautiful snowflake different and unique. Not one snowflake or love is the same. The very first wedding I worked with A Beautiful Florida Wedding Cynthia officiated the wedding. I was so moved by the way she spoke about the couple and it was such a beautiful ceremony. Even though I recently joined the team, I could feel the connection that Cynthia created a connection between all of the wedding guests during the ceremony.

I wanted to write about this because as I plan my wedding I have been very particular about vendors. As this is a destination wedding Upstate New York, I do not have the luxury of working with A Beautiful Florida Team. I have been in the Hospitality business for many years. I did my research on vendors I would use for my wedding. I had found a florist whose work I very much loved and their flowers came from their own garden. They were a bit further away from my venue but after many phone calls with them prior to a contract I was set. We had an instant connection and they loved my ideas and just totally understood my wedding vision. The two ladies (a mom and her daughter) both would contact me and even emailed pictures throughout the summer of their flowers blooming in their garden in New York and I am planning my wedding from Florida. It shows me how much they care. To them it is not only about the profit, they do what they love just like the team at A Beautiful Florida Wedding.

I have been honored to work with Cynthia, Bob, Catherine and Melissa for a few months now. Prior to working with them I planned and worked at weddings at small boutique hotels in New York and in Florida. I can honestly say a ceremony with Cynthia, Bob and Catherine is a completely different experience. They care about their couples. Sometimes they might not even meet the couples in person until the day of but you feel like they have known them forever. They make the ceremony so personal and about the couple rather then just the ceremony.

The team at A Beautiful Florida Wedding is an incredibly dedicated team. There is so much work done behind the scenes to insure a smooth and fabulous event. We are your personal wedding team. We once joked how we are officiants for life. This is very true! Cynthia, Catherine and Bob have stayed in contact with many of their couples. For us, it is not just the ceremony, it is about the love between two people and the beginning of their lives together. It should be special and about the couple and that is why I love being a part of the ceremonies at A Beautiful Florida Wedding.

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“A Beautiful Life Begins with A Beautiful Florida Wedding!”

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