The Gift of Children at Weddings

  I’ll never forget my own wedding, 12 years ago, my fiesty flower girls dressed in kilts and tams,running around during our wedding ceremony. The laughter and the clicking of their shoes brought smiles to our faces,but I must admit, when we were in a moment of silence and they paid no heed as most children having fun would not have, I gave them the “glance” of the bride which for a moment quieted them.

Tonight that also happened as we were in the middle of the sand ceremony and the officiant was sharing the meaning of this unity ceremony. One could hear a hum coming from one of  the guests, a little girl, I must admit, and the bride”glanced back at her”,  but she paid no mind and continued to hum.

What is the benefit of having children in the wedding party, your own or others?

I think of  the young lad who was the first ready tonight.He came downstairs in  his vest and cravat and looked so proud of his participation. And the little girl in her dress with many layers that were so beautiful. How she walked down the stairs and held onto the railing pausing every 3 steps as if waiting for us to notice her. And then there was the baby girl, whose  headband  matched her bib upon which was engraved her name and the date of today’s wedding . I was privileged at one point to hold her and give her her bottle.

I have always made it a point throughout my career to pay special attention to children. I believe they have so much to add to any moment if we are willing to be mindful and observant.

We find many ways to help couples blending their families to include their children in their ceremony, and I always notice how proud the children are , all ages, even teenagers, to be included.

Here’s to  family and friends today at our destination wedding all the way from the UK, for sharing your family with us and for holding them in such high regard that each one will remember how important their presence really was to the new “Mr & Mrs”.