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So the Save the Dates and have been sent and the invites are ordered.  Now it is time to think about the registry.  What do you need or want to make your home together?  If you have been living with each other maybe you have already purchased a few items but they need a bit of updating.  My fiancé and I had a registry date day/night and were completely unprepared.  I would love to share a few tips with you so you do not go in blind like we did!

There are SO many different places and options for registries.  A new trend is a Honeymoon fund, which is online, and guests can gift towards different parts of your honeymoon.  There are websites that you build your dream honeymoon and guests can choose what they want to give a gift towards, whether it is food, spa or attractions etc.  This is a cool concept especially for destination couples.

So my fiancé Ryan and I decided to go to Bed Bath and Beyond. Our guests are scattered from Indiana, New York, Virginia, Pennsylvania and Florida, (and a few states I may have missed) we wanted a store we knew everyone would be able to go to. Plus fun fact about Bed Bath and Beyond…if you have an expired 20% off coupon they still take it but they send them out all the time so it is easy to get your hands on one.

Another tip…plan to spend time building the registry.  We thought they would just give us the scanner and we would go to town and it would be quick and easy.  We spent over four hours in the store.  We had fun though and did not realize how long it was.  The store has a dedicate team and one of the team members, Debbie, was our go to girl for this day.  She was super helpful and basically took us around each section and talked about everything we could possibly want and need.  She pointed out items we had not even considered.

During our time there we were super conscious of our guests.  I am a foodie and I love to cook.  I even got my Associates in Culinary Arts.  So the $300 knife set just spoke to me, as did many other fabulous gadgets.  Ryan and I found items we loved but then thought who the heck would buy us a $300 knife set?  We felt that maybe we were being rude to even ask for it.  I brought this up to Debbie and she gave us some great advice.  She told us our registry is our wish list. We should put what we want and people might go in on something.  The other good thing too is our registry won’t expire after the wedding.  Maybe we won’t get the big-ticket items but somewhere down the road when we are settled and have a little more money, (and no student loans) we may want to invest in better home items.  We will still have our registry and instead of spending more time researching we already did the research and have exactly what we want to get.   

About 97% of our registry is kitchen gadgets because the kitchen is the heart of the home we want.  Debbie was great in going through ever detail we could possibly imagine.  Originally we planned maybe to have a few places for registries but then everything we wanted was right at Bed Bath and Beyond.  It might get to be too much if we have multiple registries.  Ryan and I left feeling good having one more thing checked off our wedding to do list.  When we arrived home at our tiny one bedroom condo we both looked at each other with the same thought, “we are going to need a bigger place to fit our registry items…”

I think I would suggest maybe doing more research online or in stores before making the registry.  I have seen a few great pins on Pinterest of registry lists.  We were very overwhelmed and we both agree that we put a lot of items on the registry that we really would not need.  Thankfully we can edit the registry and take items off.  I went in super excited and left feeling very overwhelmed.  As helpful as Debbie was I wish had done more research.  Overall though just have fun!  Halfway through Ryan was given the scanner duty and he decided to put a few goofy items on our registry all could do was laugh and say “Yup that guy that just put the kid’s Hoop Hamper on our registry for himself…that is the guy I am going to marry in less than nine months.”

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