What's the Importance of a Plan B?

Here at A Beautiful Florida Wedding we have a very ambivalent feeling towards a Plan B. On the one hand we know that a plan B brings with it the assurance that every ceremony will be performed no matter what the weather. On the other and we know that every couple that chooses to have their destination wedding in Florida expects sunshine and ocean breezes to bless their day. Three years ago we had a lovely family fly in from Japan. They brought with them many of their relatives. Their intention was to have a beach wedding. On the day of their wedding at the appointed time the clouds opened up and a plan B became necessary. With ease and graciousness all our vendors moved toward the plan B and a magnificent ceremony was had by all. The next day for the generosity of our photographer the couple put on their wedding attire, she in a gown, he is tails and took their pictures on the beach in the sunshine.

Most of the time mother nature agrees with us and send us perfect weather! But any good wedding planner would tell you that a plan B is the kind of insurance any couple ought of have.

How do you feel about a Plan B option? What would have done if this were your wedding?

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