The Spirit of Coupleship

n our marriage ceremony we often use the term “spirit” to refer to the essence or heart of the bride and groom and to the core of their relationship.  We talk aboutthe “particular personality and spirit” that each person brings to the marriage.  We remind them that the rings they are about to exchange represent “the endless spiritual love “ that links them as a couple.  These words sound nice and true in the wedding ceremony, but what do they mean in the actual, everyday life of a marriage?  How do you balance individuality, coupleship , and growth in a relationship?

Renewing One's Vows

Imagine yourself on a beach, remembering the day you were married.  Only this time you are actually there, surrounded by a southwest Florida breeze, the soft lapping of the waves from the Gulf of Mexico, looking into your beloved’s eyes, making a new commitment.  Consider the possibility of renewing one’s vows in Naples. As a company, A Beautiful Florida Wedding has always believed that it’s important to the vitality of a marriage to renew love daily.  This may simply involve saying “I love you” each day, and being respectful of each other’s contribution to the day.  But, periodically, at critical times in the marriage, something additional may need to be expressed, at such important thresholds as a 1st, 5th, 10th, 20th or 25th anniversary.  As “officiants for life”, we have celebrated with couples at their 1st anniversary and at succeeding decade anniversaries. 

Your Happiness Quotient in Marriage

Have you evaluated the state of your marriage recently? Have you given any thought to how you would envision it a year or five years from now? In light of the recent publicity given the infidelities and divorces among the rich, famous, and well connected, the sanctity of marriage is once again in question.  The infidelities of Eliot Spitzer, former New York governor, David Paterson, his replacement, and of John Edwards, former vice-presidential candidate, as well as a spate of Hollywood star “confessions” has led some commentators to dismiss the future of marriage.  On the other hand, the recent death of Paul Newman reminds us of how good and long lasting a marriage can be.

How Green is Your Wedding?

Wedding day, for most couples, is the most wonderful day of their lives. How many of them are committed to making the wedding a consciously green one? This doesn't mean that every aspect of wedding day has to emphasize green products and green activities. It does mean paying more attention to ways in which the joyous day takes note of green possibilities that may make your ceremony and reception exceptional and memorable and save you money in the process. We have noticed an increased sense of environmental awareness among couples recently, particularly those who have come of age since the late 1970’s.

Choosing an Officiant

Each of us in the wedding business likes to think of ourselves as indispensable. What would you do without the collective services of all those you believe to be crucial to your most special day? These are legitimate concerns for any couple, but especially for those contemplating destination or out-of-town weddings in unfamiliar places with unfamiliar people. In truth, however, at the specific level, the central event of your day is the ceremony itself; and the central persona other than yourselves is the officiant. You want the ceremony to be personal, meaningful, and memorable. It is, after all, a celebration of your life and your love. Yet many couples leave their choice of officiant until the end of the planning process. We like to think that’s because it is such an important decision and that you are often uncertain as to how to proceed.

Archetypes Rule When Selecting a Partner

Years ago, when training as a spiritual director, I was fortunate enough to be able to continue my study of Carl Jung’s work.
Before this time, as a therapist , I gravitated to helping people navigate the inner worldof who they really were.
An article came my way that has forever remained in my mind;  it was an article on archetypes.
Often when I listen to couples whose weddings we are planning and or officiating, I hear them express what they love about one another and, I think back to this article.

Observations from the Front

I always make time for what matters when I am officiating a wedding.That begins the day before, when I especially hold the couples’ intentions in prayer, especially for a beautiful Florida sunset.While I am especially fond of planning destination weddings, it is always an honor to officiate them. Being an officiant privileges me to walking “down the aisle” with the groom and to be with him in those special moments before the procession of the bride and her attendants.

June Weddings

Marco Marriott, Sanibel Harbour Marriott, Marco South Beach and Marco Beach Ocean Resort – 4 venues 5 weddings/vow renewals.  It’s been a very busy month of officiating and each event gave me pause to consider the love, devotion, family support and blended families that ushered in a new life together. Destination wedding/vow renewals are quite popular in southwest Florida and for the most part the weather is uneventful – bright sunshine, magnificent sunsets, smiles and celebrations make a perfect day–well PERFECT.

One of my favorite moments was a Sand Ceremony blending 2 families with 6 children –a total of 8 colors to create a sand sculpture of earth-tones (Panera Colors) to take home as a memento.  Lots of fun and playfulness in the “pouring” set the tone for the celebration.

A Windy Wedding

The storm in the Gulf did not stop a brave couple from Wisconsin today — the I D0′s happened on the Marco Island beachfront with high winds, lots of love and NO RAIN!  The song “Wind beneath my wings” took on new meaning as Nick and Christy expressed their love to each other witnessed by family and friends who traveled from afar to witness and support this couple. A Beautiful Florida Wedding in all ways!

The Gift of Children at Weddings

I’ll never forget my own wedding, 12 years ago, my fiesty flower girls dressed in kilts and tams, running around during our wedding ceremony. The laughter and the clicking of their shoes brought smiles to our faces, but I must admit, when we were in a moment of silence and they paid no heed as most children having fun would not have, I gave them the “glance” of the bride which for a moment quieted them.