MEET OUR Officiants


Bob Mitchell, Phd - Reverend

Reverend, teacher, and life-long learner, Bob’s relationship skills have endeared him to many people in many different circumstances during the past 40 years. His calm, considerate manner, and his international experience, have given him particular expertise in conducting interdenominational and interfaith ceremonies. Bob’s goal is to create personalized ceremonies that couples will remember fondly for the rest of their lives.

“I believe that when a couple declares their love for each other through the bonds of marriage, the commitment they make to each other through their wedding vows to love and to cherish every day, is the most beautiful expression of being human.”
— Bob Mitchell, PhD.


Catherine Fazzina, M.A. - Reverend

Reverend, notary, relationship support guide, Catherine’s experience with people, over the last 40 years, has prepared her with the genuineness and caring that are her strengths with couples. Whether officiating a civil, religious, or commitment ceremony, Catherine’s support comes through clearly as an expression of the couples love for one another.

“In my experience, I see the necessity of accompanying each couple on their journey so that the ceremony is a living expression and witness of their love and to those whose lives have touched them along the way.”
— Catherine Fazzina, M.A.


Doug Rickenbach - Reverend

Reverend, life-long learner, coach, Doug’s leadership and organizational skills have enabled him to bring a calming and reassuring presence to many people in many settings. His background and demeanor have given him the ability to help couples overcome any anxieties they may have about their ceremony. Doug’s goal is to help the couple craft an appropriate script for their “special day” that will make it both a pleasant and memorable occasion which they can remember for the rest of their lives.

“To be entrusted with a couple’s wedding celebration is a role I take very seriously. It is wonderful to help them realize that their wedding day is only the beginning of the best days of their lives”
— Doug Rickenbach

Cynthia Mitchell, M.Ed. - Reverend

Reverend, spiritual director, relationship support guide, Cynthia’s work with couples spans over 35 years. As a former relationship therapist, she knows how to help couples embrace the gift of love. Differentiating between religion and spirituality, Cynthia offers a view of the spiritual life that opens people to marriage as a gift to transform their lives.

“I believe we only take the love we make.
In my own marriage, I feel the desire of renewing our love each and every day and I want to be available to our couples not only at their wedding, but throughout their married lifetime together.”
— Cynthia Mitchell, M.Ed.


Lourdes Aldana – Reverend

Former travel agency owner, wedding coordinator and a Reverend for 15 years, Lourdes found her passion serving  families in our community and building relationships between couples, parents and children. 

Lourdes is fully bilingual in Spanish and English, allowing her the opportunity to also plan and officiate bilingual weddings. Her strength is that of creating a relationship with wedding couples and their families, giving them the peace of mind and  the assurance that together they can make their wedding dreams come true. She has degrees in both Business Administration and Early Childhood Education.

“My plan is to pass on my legacy. I appreciate being part of creating wonderful memories with couples and families, and helping them create memorable moments. The commitment of marriage for me is one of the most important steps in our lives; to live a healthy life, a relationship that’s based on the foundation you build together, building each day a relationship between God and yourselves. Love is not what you feel, Love is what you build and what you do!”
— Lourdes Aldana


Heather Davis Desrocher - Reverend

Reverend, teacher, storyteller, organizer and mother, Heather’s positive outlook makes her both easy and fun to work with. Her enthusiastic, inquisitive and supportive nature help her work with couples, and their families, to create wonderful ceremonies and celebrations. Having worked as a Director of youth and family programs at a Spiritual Center, Heather especially enjoys working with children and families. Heather’s goal is to work with couples to create a meaningful ceremony that will be remembered and treasured.

“It is an honor and a privilege to support and guide a couple through the sacred process of making the commitment of marriage. I believe that planning a marriage is just as important as planning a wedding ceremony, and I look forward to being there for couples, throughout their lives.”
— Heather Davis Desrocher