YOUR Ceremony

Your wedding ceremony sanctifies your commitment of union. It is the culmination of all your preparations and planning. During the ceremony it is the interaction between the couple and the officiant that is the core of the wedding experience. The officiant guides the exchange of expressions of love and commitment between bride and groom, an experience both intimate and public at the same time.

The Welcome sets the tone by greeting the wedding party and guests, and reminds them that they are witnesses to this uniquely sanctified union of bride and groom

The Commitment of Marriage is a brief reflection on what it means to commit one’s couple-ship to marriage

The Reading (optional) contains the words that express love and commitment, which may be scriptural or poetic, serious or humorous

The Expression of Vows are statements of love and commitment to each other that may be traditional, suggested by the officiant, or created by the couple themselves

The Exchange of Rings is an expression of fidelity by the couple representing the unbroken circle of love that the wearing of rings denotes

The Blessing of the Couple is poetry or prayer

The Pronouncement of Marriage is the formal announcement of becoming husband and wife, and sealed with a public kiss

The Introduction of the Couple is the presentation of the married couple to the wedding party and guests for the very first time